Frequently Asked Questions

Guests of Cache House check in and check out at Anvil Hotel, connected to Cache House.

Check in begins at 4pm. If you arrive in Jackson earlier, we will be happy to hold onto your luggage while you explore the town. Check out is at 11am. Please return key card to the Anvil desk and leave linens and towels on your bed. No curfew with 24-hr access with keycard. Quiet Hours are between 11pm and 7am in rooms and communal spaces.

Moving Bunks: If you move bunks without permission from the Front Desk at Anvil Hotel, then you will incur an additional charge.

Noise: Quiet hours are 11 p.m. – 7 a.m. While some people like to stay up late, others like to get up early. Be courteous of other guests and observe the quiet times. However, courtesy does not end when quiet hours do, so keep in mind that others are sharing the same space as you.

Light: Please be courtesy of others and consider how your lights may affect others who are trying to sleep.

Personal Space: You are sharing a communal space, always be respectful of others and their personal space.

Cleanliness: Set a good example and clean up after yourself. Remember, this space is home for others, please throw away your trash.

Safety: Guest safety is our highest priority. If you feel threatened by another person, please immediately alert the Front Desk at Anvil Hotel or call the police.

Guests must be 18 years of age and up.

Yes! The Cache House has a newly installed air conditioning in preparation for the summer days ahead!

Each bunk is assigned a lockable large pull-out drawer and a hallway locker (it’s the same as your bunk #). If you brought ski equipment, we have plenty of space in our storage room behind the desk. If you forget your drawer or locker combo the Anvil front desk can help with a key.

We take the safety of our guests and their belongings seriously. We will handle theft and illegal behaviors by calling the police and removing the offender from our property, without refund. If you see anything alarming, please alert our staff immediately.

Each bed has an outlet, privacy curtain, and reading light with everything you’ll need for a comfortable and cozy stay. Amenities include high-quality bedding and linens, warm blankets, as well as complimentary coffee and tea each morning at Anvil Hotel. Your sheets, pillow, and blanket are on a pre-made bed, and towels are in your pull-out drawer.


We are located right by some of Jackson Hole’s favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars. We don’t offer an on-site kitchen, but want you to enjoy the best our little mountain town has to offer. Check out the Cache House dining guide for recommendations.

We do not have laundry facilities on site, but are happy to point you in the right direction to the local laundromats (Jackson Laundormat and the Missing Sock) or send out your laundry through a cleaner.

There is no parking at the Cache House. Offsite free public parking is available just a few blocks away (ask the Anvil desk for a parking map). We encourage biking, walking, public transportation or ride shares for getting around. The public START bus stop to Teton Village is right across the street!

14 days is the maximum length of stay – requests for longer stays will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.